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9 Unexpected Lifestyle Tips for Mental Health

Maybe you feel a bit “stuck” when it comes to your mental health. You’ve tried all of the usual self-care methods, from meditation to journaling, and nothing seems to help. It might be time to shake up your routine. From receiving counselling at Solihull Well Being Clinic to listening to your favourite playlist, here are a few unexpected tips for improving your mental health.

Visit a Psychologist

If you’re struggling with physical aches, it could have a negative influence on your mental health. It is also the case that stress and emotional difficulties may be contributing to the body discomfort you are feeling. You might benefit from seeing a psychologist. Alternatively, a counsellor or holistic therapist from Solihull Well Being Clinic can help support your mental and physical health with healing from the inside out. You might find that sessions reduce your stress and anxiety, making you feel healthier all around.

Declutter Your Home

If your home is messy, it can have an adverse effect on your emotional wellbeing. Cleaning up your house is often the ticket to creating a healthier atmosphere! Try to spend a few minutes at the end of each day tidying up and spend a weekend or two decluttering your home to get rid of anything you don’t need. A decluttered home often reflects a decluttered mind.

Start Volunteering

Sometimes, volunteering is the best way to let go of your own worries for a while. Pitching in to help people in need can change your mindset for the better. It is a welcome distraction, but many studies also show that kindness and compassion reduces feelings of depression, making both the recipient and giver feel less alone and more hopeful.

What if you can’t find an organisation in your area that’s addressing your concerns? If you’re interested in starting a non-profit corporation, you can apply for grants and public funding to get the ball rolling. Imagine what that would do for your sense of purpose and self-worth?

Try Drama Therapy

Maybe you haven’t had much success with traditional talk therapy. But have you ever considered creative therapies, such as drama or art therapy? Creative therapists will guide you through fun exercises, allowing you to express your feelings through role play, drama games or art based sessions. You’ll leave sessions feeling a bit lighter!

Head to the Beach

Did you know that simply taking a walk on the beach can actually make you feel happier? Byrdie states that spending time at the beach can actually reduce the levels of stress hormones in your body. Take this as an excuse to enjoy a beach weekend! If you’re not a beach person, a visit to a nature reserve, woodland or any place of natural beauty will bring huge benefits – many such places are on our doorstep, if we take the time to look for them.

Create a “Zen Corner”

Cultivate space in your home where you can relax and forget about your anxieties for a while. By designating a “zen corner,” you can have somewhere to retreat to when you feel overwhelmed! Wondering what belongs in your zen corner? Ultimately, it’s all up to you, but Fancy Pants Homes recommends adding a meditation corner, a colourful wall tapestry, and an incense holder.

Listen to Music

It’s not a coincidence that it seems like a great playlist can boost your mood. Listening to music actually does have a real impact on your mental health! BetterUp states that putting on some good tunes can actually enhance your creativity and relieve symptoms of anxiety.

Cook a New Recipe

If you’re struggling with your mental health, it can be tough to find the motivation to cook. But getting in the kitchen can help improve your mental health. By shifting your focus to a productive activity - and getting a tasty meal out of the whole process - you might find yourself feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

Get some Career Coaching

We spend so much of our lives at work and are experiencing pressures just now with the rising cost of living and demands for organisational reform. Businesses are also struggling with rising energy costs. It can lead to a certain helplessness and hopelessness, keeping us awake at night. Career coaching is a way to really evaluate where we stand and energise plans to move to a better place. Getting a better work-life balance is also key to vibrant mental health.

Managing your mental health isn’t always easy. And sometimes, the techniques that used to make you feel better just aren’t effective anymore. But with these tips, you can break out of your slump!

Photo via Pexels

Article by Guest Writer, Lucille Rosetti


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