Managing Relationship Stress at Home, in the face of COVID-19

When our choices and freedoms are limited, our world becomes smaller and more confined. Being at home with a partner and children is a mixed blessing – on one hand there is plenty of scope for quantity and quality of family time, but on the other the usual escapes and routine breaks are missing. Life can become a little mundane, as the days blur into weeks. There are fewer outlets for expressing our physical and emotional energy, which becomes all the more stressful when we are living in fear for our own health, or that of those we love, and are helpless to do much in the way of protection and preservation. These stresses are bound to create some relationship fall-out. Periods of silence

Managing Loneliness, in the face of COVID-19

In this age of connectivity, social media and smartphones, the last few weeks have taught us just how vital it is to see each other in person. Whilst we are all benefiting from the ability to stay in touch virtually, we are realising what is missed when we can’t be in the same room, walk down the same street or sit across from each other in the local coffee shop. Sadly, some members of our community have experienced social distancing and isolation for many years. Not because of an infectious disease, but due to the simple story of loneliness. Some members of the elderly population, those who are economically challenged or those who are homeless may not have access to broadband or smart gadge

Working From Home - Survival Kit

Is this your first time working from home? Or have you experience, but with the current uncertainties and social distancing laws finding yourself struggling to keep sane, productive and able to deliver you once did. If so, here are some top tips for Working from Home (WFH). Work space environment: First and foremost it is important to find a working space away from the home environment solely for working. If possible consider a place that has some spots for natural light exposure. If you can work near a window that can be kept open often in the sunny weather, even better as studies suggest better sleep when we are absorbing natural light and fresh air. Ensure that this environment is as com

Compassion, in the face of COVID-19

I experienced the first (and hopefully last) personal loss through COVID-19 yesterday. Having contracted Coronavirus, an Uncle and family friend, passed away. I wish to pay tribute to his lifelong devotion to a fulfilled and purposeful life, and pray that his family can bear their grief in these difficult circumstances. I know that vastly more people are recovering from this illness than those who are dying. I also have an awareness that COVID-19 is just one cause of bereavement or pain at this time. People suffer each day from malnourishment, homelessness, abuse, dementia and mental illness, to name a few. It is also the case that what we are experiencing is a shadow of the loneliness, fea

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