Pre-Natal Yoga helps ease your Pregnancy experience

There are many reasons that yoga can help a mother during pregnancy, this may be improving strength and stamina in the body or helping with emotional support at a vulnerable time in their life. During pregnancy the Mother may feel anxious and frightened, hormones can play havoc with emotions and she may start to become even more conscious of her own health and that of her unborn baby. The Mother may want to start taking more care of herself by eating sensibly and trying anything and everything to alleviate those pregnancy niggles that keep her up all night! Prenatal Yoga can certainly help with restful sleep. Working on breath control known as pranamyana in yoga during a prenatal class ma

Vision Boarding - Creating a Picture of Health

Type 'Vision Boards' into your search engine and you will be inundated with images, advice, topics and tips on this popular on-trend method of manifesting your dreams and goals. Lucinda Cross, best-selling author and international speaker, defines creating a vision board as being, "like selling an idea to yourself!" Recently I ran a highly successful vision board workshop at the popular Solihull Well Being Clinic. A small group of us came together to create our own personalised 'pictures of health' - physical, spiritual and emotional health, that is. I began the morning by sharing a bit about vision boards - how they can be so effective in taking what has begun as an idea in our heads and br

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