Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki may be described as the Universal Life Healing Energy, as it flows through every living thing. This natural system of healing was brought to us by Master Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Reiki is easily adapted to most medical conditions and is safe for all ages. It works effectively alongside conventional healthcare and natural remedies, supporting recovery. It works in all areas – strengthens the body, eliminates blockages, works detoxifying and gently restores our body’s natural harmony, well-being and the intelligent immune system bringing our consciousness to a higher level. CLosely associated with Reiki are the Essenian Healings, Essenian Healing Journeys and Pleiadian H

Going With The Flow

Change and challenge are real constants in our lives. Everything changes, and is subject to flux. Sometimes the changes we experience are exciting, perhaps even exhilarating. Maybe a new home, or newfound love. At other times, change is unwanted and disconcerting, such as the loss of someone dear to us or an unexpected redundancy from work. Even though we know that nothing lasts forever, and that comings and goings are just two sides of the same coin, we still cling to what we want and like, and reject that which we wish to avoid. Like so many things, how we think about change and how we connect with whatever challenge is before us, influences how we experience it. I love the sayin

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