From Disappointment to Fulfilment

Disappointment is a part of life, try as we might, we cannot save ourselves or be shielded from it. We can however make a choice. That choice is to accept that not everyone can come first in the race. We aren't all destined to become A* students or academics. There is no need to feel disheartened. Every failure brings an opportunity for a different kind of creative success. While it is true that not everyone in the world will become a famous Singer, Footballer, Doctor, Lawyer or Rocket Scientist, there is a role uniquely available to you. Accepting that the road on which you currently travel no longer brings joy, doesn't have to be accompanied by feelings of shame, blame or inadequacy. Woul

Non-Violent Resistance in Therapy

Mahatma Gandhi and later, Martin Luther King, brought the principles of Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) to the imagination of people around the world. Faced with oppression and systematic control of basic freedoms and rights, they carried whole communities, even a whole nation with them, to a preferred future of hope, respect and reconciliation. Readers may struggle to readily connect the issues of widespread racial abuse and prejudice, or occupation of a country by foreign rulers, with the tasks faced by clients who attend for psychological therapy. Yet in my experience, issues of control, dominance, submission and flattened self-esteem are common factors in the anxiety, mood and sleep disor

Work-Life Balance

Where you invest your thoughts determines the kind of world you create around yourself. If you don't feel happy, or feel stressed with l

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