Researchers Map Elevated Emotional Intelligence after a Low-cost Depression Recovery Program

A new study shows the important role a low-cost 8week depression recovery program has on increasing the emotional intelligence scores of the participants. The study presented at the Society of Biological Psychiatry May 13, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia was widely appreciated. Neil Nedley, MD, and Francisco E. Ramirez, MD, observed that at the completion of the program over 20% of participants were now classified as having very high emotional intelligence compared to less than 9% at the start of the program. They also noted that the 5,621 individuals in nine countries who finished the program, improved their emotional intelligence score by an average of nine points. This is a common sense assumpti

Reducing Isolation in Therapists working in Independant Practice

More and more Psychologists, Counsellors & Therapists are leaving statutory services, giving up on NHS pensions and going it alone. At once anxiety provoking, but undoubtedly liberating, I have yet to meet anyone who took this bold step and did not wish they had done so years before! Being autonomous within NHS or Public Services is increasingly challenging, particularly in the current financial climate. There is too much to do, too little resource, and therapists of all colours are often burned out by the ceaseless top down changes and complete lack of control over the services they offer, and how. Their voice, creativity and expertise is often drowned out by a growing band of managers

Recognising Mental Health Needs in Minority and Asian Communities

One cannot deny that when depression or anxiety is talked about with first generation Asian migrants, a look of bewilderment fills their faces. ‘What is there to be depressed about?’ is often the question asked. ‘What is this depression anyway – we never heard of it back home’ is often the follow-up remark. It is widely accepted that mental health needs are not generally identified or acknowledged within Asian communities living in Great Britain. I know this is a contentious statement, and perhaps a gross generalisation. However, as you read this article things will become clearer. I can't count the number of times I've been in discussion with elders from Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi co

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