Classes & Groups

Led by Rozeena Sujjad, Drama Therapist, this creative therapeutic group will focus on building confidence and self-esteem together for women, by women. It features personal development, identification of strengths and self-expression. The group will be a safe place, infused with interactive, creative and therapeutic games and activities, which enable attendees to Reflect, Engage, Aspire, Create and Transform! It will also be a place to meet likeminded female peers, and perhaps develop some new friendships.

Chi Yoga sessions are suitable for beginners or those with some experience in yoga or tai chi who want to have a deeper understanding of how to support the health and wellbeing of their mind and body. The class offers you the opportunity to learn practices to both energise and calm the body and mind, which you can use outside the sessions to maintain states of relaxed alertness. Each session will start with fun warm ups and activating movements which will prepare you for an Energy Block Release sequence. The sequences along with other yoga and tai chi practices will work progressively on physical, psychological and energetic levels to build deeper strength, flexibility and alignment of the mind and body. The session will end with a four stage relaxation which hopefully will leave you relaxed, alert and rejuvenated!

Guided Meditation (Please Contact to Check Date)

£5 Alternate Tuesdays 7pm-8pm

Suitable for all levels of meditation experience, this one-hour guided meditation class is a relaxing and reflective experience which aims to leave you feeling peaceful and positive. In this session, we will focus on connecting ourselves to the present moment, releasing any physical or psychological tension and calming our mind, body and soul. Chairs will be provided but please feel free to bring any mats or cushions with you if you would prefer to meditate on the floor. You may want to bring a blanket with you for comfort and/or warmth as your body relaxes throughout the session.

We are bombarded with messages about how to live a healthier better way. Yet if it was easy to eat well, exercise more and cut out unhealthy habits then we would do it. Think back to the last time you set a goal, maybe it was a New Year’s resolution or after a time you felt unwell and decided self care was going to be prioritised. Did you make steps towards this goal, chances are even if you achieved it old habits snuck back in. In this two part workshop we will learn the secrets of making sustainable habits and explore the barriers to you achieving your goals and sustaining them. We will then plan out what you will do over the following 7 days to make changes. Facilitated by Sarah Meharg, who is an occupational therapist and personal trainer. She used to experience difficulties with motivation, mood and energy levels but now practices what she preaches and has seen the benefits. She also understands that it is not a magical one size fits all strategy.

£10 for part 1
£15 to attend part 1 and part 2.

Fun interactive hour long sessions on how to use "The Law of Attraction" to manifest better relationships and realise greater possibilities in life. Sessions are hosted by Myrah Duckworth: teacher, tutor, life coach, NLP practitioner and author.  Sessions run Wed 7-8pm and Sat 2-3pm.  Only £10

Get your health back on track with these Nutritional Wellness Workshops. Each 90 minute session offers you expert information with a Nutritional Therapist, with lots of time for questions. Topics covered -1) What should I eat? 2) Prevent and Manage Chronic Disease. 3) How Food Affects Mood. 4) Fatigue and Toxicity. If you want to attend and can't do this one, let us know as there is demand for more sessions which will run in August.

Guided Meditation (Please Contact to Check Date)

£5 Alternate Thursdays 7pm-8pm

This meditation is a gentle and relaxing experience, aimed at settling the heart and mind so that a deeper connection can be felt with oneself. Drawing on mindfulness and guided visualisation, but also wisdom gathered from mystical and spiritual traditions from across the ages (and world), you will feel a tangible reduction in stress, worry and negativity. You will leave feeling more peaceful with yourself, and those around you. The session is not affiliated to any faith group, religious or spiritual organisation.  

Steve Mash is a Counsellor and Life Coach, with additional training in family and relationship work. He will be leading this 1hr workshop.  


Therapist Networking, CPD & Peer Supervision

Peer Supervision : small cost share of £3-£5. CPD - variable fee.

If you are a therapist who would value some space to meet other practitioners, build your networking presence, gain affordable CPD or make use of peer supervision opportunities, join our group (email to register your interest, here).  At our last session, we considered therapeutic endings and the impact of monetary transactions on the therapeutic relationship with clients. Previously, Cal Nield led reflections on the theory and practice of Cognitive Analytical Therapy and Dr Bobby Sura offered a workshop on 'Re-authoring the Story of your Life", based on Narrative Therapy principles. 

What to expect from the Workshop:

The workshop is led by Mark Simmonds, who has a long experience in working with young people and adolescents both in CAMHS and other teaching environments.  The workshop lasts 2½ hours and is focussed on managing stress and anxiety around revision and exams for those in secondary school. Participants will understand their stress and anxiety, how it affects them and what they can do about it, including:


  • Stressful thoughts and how to beat them

  • Coping responses when under pressure

  • Distraction and relaxation techniques

  • Useful apps, websites and resources for wellbeing

£85 for 6 Week Group

Learn a new way of experiencing life, let go of stress and live in the moment. Relaxation and Mindfulness techniques have been proven to help with pain, stress, depression and anxiety. This group lasts six weeks.  The next set of sessions will be announced soon. Register your interest, as soon as possible.  Please note that all attendees will receive a Relaxation & Mindfulness Pack and CD.

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