Mindfulness for Everyday Life

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present m

Travel Light

As we start a new year and the Christmas festivities come to an end, we tidy away the tree and lights, store them back in the loft and throw away all of the cards that hung from the walls. We get a new sense of excitement as we begin to think about the next high light of the year…the Summer holidays! Have you ever travelled abroad? Well even if you haven’t I’m sure you can imagine the hustle and bustle that it brings, can’t you? First there is the process of deciding where in the world you would like to go. If you have a partner or a family this becomes a huge task as you then have to consider the needs, preferences and requirements of the other people in your party. If you are travelling al

Making Space, through Life Coaching

For much of my younger life I held the belief that in order to bring about change, to make things happen, I needed to be feverishly planning, plotting, organising and arranging. Annually, New Years Resolutions would be made - pages would be filled with lists of things To Do - or 'not to do' anymore. Aids and equipment might be purchased, borrowed or made in order to get the project going. Life was full of Promise for the first few weeks of every year...the Promise that soon, one day, not long now, the plan, the change, the project would come to be. Sound familiar at all? Increasingly, I realised that I had been looking down the wrong end of the telescope on this one. Last year for instance

Finding Happiness Within

Many things in life make us happy but life is full of duality and the same things that can make us happy can also make us unhappy. Like the piece of cake we had last night which we really enjoyed and brought us much happiness but we are now starting to regret it as we step on the bathroom scales. How do we find the balance between happiness and unhappiness? How can we integrate them? Reiki is much more than a healing technique. It is a tool to restore your inner balance from which we are able to integrate the apparent duality of the world. For many of us it can become a way of life and a way to make sense of the world. Reiki is part of humanity’s sacred knowledge. It is our heritage. Reiki b

Weight Loss - Beyond Wishful Thinking

Getting in shape, losing weight and living healthier is a goal that nearly every one of us has. There is always something we would like to change about ourselves and becoming healthier is usually it. Wanting to live a healthier life and actually doing it aren’t exactly the same thing and they aren’t easy to accomplish if you are severely out of shape. Getting in shape and working out gives you more energy. Unfortunately, we need energy in the first place to work out and get in shape. Herein lies the problem. How can we get the energy to go to the gym and workout or to go to the store and buy and prepare healthy meals? There isn’t a magic pill that can do it but there is something else that c

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