Random Acts of Kindness

Through my experience with counselling young adults, I have found that many of them walk through the door of the counselling room with depression; and many times they are unable to determine what is making them so low and unhappy. Many have faced traumatic and dreadful experiences, whilst others find that life is just so meaningless that they try to seek happiness in addiction or other risk taking behaviours. Their emotional state of being, or the compensatory behaviour they have adopted to feel better, tends only to leave them feeling more unwanted, unimportant and worthless. With this thought in mind, I was surfing the internet to find some tools to support young people with their challe

Thoughts - How Reliable Are They?

If you have ever found yourself convinced beyond doubt by the thoughts in your head, acted on them and then wondered, "what the heck happened there?" it's likely that you will be interested in exploring the power and influence of your thoughts and to be ready to question their reliability. Alternatively, you may just be curious and open to working 1:1 or joining a positive group to give a little more attention to how your thoughts endlessly shape your experiences and how you can become more involved in that process. If you are interested in delving a little deeper into your thoughts and their reliability, there are several ways you can proceed: in addition to 1:1 sessions here at the clinic

The Road to Success

All through life we are presented with decisions which we have to make. Sometimes we know exactly what must be done, but sometimes, especially when the decision effects others, we struggle with making the right choice as we flit backwards and forwards between what we want and what is best for others. As a result, we often fall into the trap of asking others for their opinion and more often than not this only serves to make matters worse. The reason being is that everyone can only give you their opinion, their perspective and what they would do if they were you. But they are not you! Only you are you. There are over seven billion people on the planet and ONLY YOU ARE YOU. Only you have walked

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