Does Acupuncture Really Work?

Acupuncture is over 3000 years old, it aims at achieving balance and harmony within the body. In Chinese medicine illness is due to the imbalance of energy called "Qi". This energy is affected by stress, anger, anxiety, diet, injury etc, therefore Qi must be re-balanced in order to restore health. Acupuncture is a safe and effective form of healthcare, which has been proven to treat many health conditions. As an acupuncturist I treat a wide range of ailments and I have a unique style of acupuncture, if you have had acupuncture before please do not confuse it with my treatment of Korean and Japanese, auricular, facial, scalp acupuncture techniques. My techniques can help improve, enhance, an

The Wellness Wheel

What does it mean to be well? One way of looking at it, is when different aspects of life are working in harmony with one another. Just like travelling with a flat tire, if one area of life is off balance then it becomes difficult to steer, makes the ride bumpy and even causes chaos to others who are making their journey. I best understood this when I came across the 'Wellness Wheel' - a model developed in 2012 at the University of Michigan, which depicted different aspects of human need. The Wellness Wheel is about maintaining a balance between different aspects of life. If one spoke (i.e. one aspect of life) is underdeveloped or neglected, the wheel (i.e. overall wellness) becomes skewed o


Self-compassion is the first step towards compassion for others. For me - associated with early times in my emotional recovery - it goes with other ‘Selfs’: Self-awareness, Self-knowledge, Self-forgiveness, Self-acceptance and dare I say it....Self-love! Before, I mostly judged the world the way I judged myself - criticising, judging, blaming and resenting others and, to a far greater extent, damning, berating, belittling and shaming myself. And walking this road of general condemnation suited me pretty well for several decades. But when I made a decision to choose change, reintegration, growth and healing, part of that change meant becoming more positive, loving and kind - towards ME! Befor

We Are Like Cake!

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered cake? There are lots of cakes to choose from on the menu: Black Forest Gateaux, Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Fudge, Lemon Drizzle, Devil’s Food Cake and even Angel Cake! The list is endless. But what if your order arrived and was presented to you, not in full but in parts. Not the slice of cake that you were expecting but all the raw ingredients measured out exactly according to the recipe, and in several bowls of varying sizes. Flour, butter, eggs, icing sugar, water, maybe some jam and cream and even a cherry...all laid out before you. What would you make of that? These raw ingredients would be very difficult to swallow, let alone enjoy. Imagin

Marketing Yourself as Therapist in the Private Sector

Most people I talk to about independent practice are initially cautious and hopeful in equal measure. Whilst the freedom and possibilities for self-determination and personal growth offered in private work attract therapists, they also worry whether they will earn enough to pay the bills and mortgage! After all, there are very few chances that a pay cheque will arrive in the bank at the month end. My advice is unequivocal : don't allow fear of the unknown to deter you! Nothing that is safe and certain, is really worth pursuing. Some risk-taking is needed (calculated of course) and you will need to manage the uncertainty that comes, whilst planning expectantly for rewards and successes. A

Improving physical health issues...through Psychotherapy!

Are you struggling to manage a long term health condition? Do you worry about physical symptoms? Are you a parent or a carer of someone with a health condition? If any of this is true for you, then read on. Introduction. The link between our physical and psychological /emotional well-being is generally widely accepted. If you think how we react physically to emotional triggers - tears when we are sad or happy, heart racing when we’re excited or anxious, butterflies in our tummy when we’re nervous - it makes it clear. We also might recognise that when we’re ‘run down’ we are more susceptible to infection or pain. The link between the physical and emotional goes further. Living with a long ter

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