Developing Services in the Private Sector as a Psychologist

Being Director and Co-Director of two independent psychological practices, I wanted to share a little about my journey so far. In the current climate of burgeoning pressures on NHS staff, growing waiting lists and the drive to "do more with less" that defines the period of austerity we are all facing, it seems opportune to say there is another way. My systemic training has helped me arrive at the view that multiple perspectives and multi-modal solutions are better than singular truths or ways of working - hence, I am not at all averse to the idea of private-public partnerships, and the need for NHS services to work alongside a range of independent providers. I feel this can indeed improve

Could CBT Work for You?

I have always enjoyed being with people, being interested in relationships and interactions in groups. I saw mental illness impact people in my own family and felt a need to help but didn't know how. This is where my interest in psychology was born. Training as a psychotherapist has been an interesting journey for me. I have been in many roles over the years, always working in mental health, that enabled me to see the impact of mental illness not only on the person struggling but also on their friends and families. It also gave me an insight into the broad spectrum of emotional difficulties and what a barrier the stigma associated with being 'ill' in this way can be to seeking help. There's

Free-er to be Me!

Free-er to be me. "The results are in". (Non-Election results that is...) As planned, the 3 part course, Free to be Me took place at the Solihull Wellbeing Clinic during the month of May 2017. Even though I say so myself, it was a great success! Success being that the 8 members were a joy to work with and that the course clearly made such a positive difference to all our lives. As I said to the group one evening, "I only hope you are all loving this course as much as me!" I'd like to share with you the key points and highlights from the course as I feel they demonstrate the powerful effect that even a lighter touch of coaching can provide. The power of just talking to one another This is als

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