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Changing Unhelpful Habits

Many people feel they could be in a better place in life if they could change the way they do things. You may have bad habits that inhibit you from being able to make progress and be more productive. But don’t be discouraged. You can use a period of transition to correct these habits and lead a more rewarding life. Here are some tips from Solihull Well Being Clinic about changes you can make.

Get Organised

One of the simplest ways you can improve your quality of life is by reviewing and reorganising your schedule, tidying-up your living and workspaces, and changing the way you approach important work tasks. Being more organised makes things more predictable, reducing the anxiety associated with daily challenges. More organised environments also reduce stress, and ultimately improve mood, self-efficacy and self-esteem.

Organising can extend beyond your physical space into your digital space, too. As a simple example, if you have Google Docs that you reference or distribute frequently, it’s easy to convert a Google Doc to a PDF to make those tasks both easier and available offline. As a PDF, they’re easier to store on your computer or share as needed without having to worry about editing controls.

Reassess Your Relationships

Unproductive, unkind, and downright toxic relationships can be bad habits in and of themselves. Reevaluate these relationships if you need a fresh perspective on life and a way to ensure that people in your life are positive contributors. You might also want to adjust your own habits – sometimes we don’t realise the negative impact we cause by showing up late for events or being less than attentive when others are talking and sharing with us. A lack of social regard can have an adverse effect on your relationships, and greater empathy and connected presence, will bring rewards.

Eat Healthily

A balanced diet is crucial to maintaining your health, and eating a lot of fast food and junk food threatens that. You don’t have to overhaul your entire diet overnight though. You can start with small steps, such as eating more fruits and vegetables or eating fewer salty snacks. There are various meal tracker apps you can use to monitor your progress. Swapping a few treats for healthier options is not as hard as it feels, when we put our mind to it. Even a little less sugar in our tea or coffee, or more water intake, will pay dividends. Our brain and mental function is also impacted by what we eat – as the saying goes, ‘food is mood’.

Improve Sleep

You might feel like you aren’t a morning person and make a habit of sleeping late. But waking up earlier can yield various benefits and enable you to be more productive throughout your day. Try waking up a bit earlier a few days out of the week, and see how much it impacts your life and work. Infact, waking earlier will almost certainly help you settle to sleep at a more reasonable time at night, giving your body the much earned rest it needs. A good wind-down routine, with gradually less screen time before bed, is a sure way to enjoy more restful sleep. Just a page or two of reading will make you feel better before bed, as long as you choose the right kind of genre!

Change that Toxic Career

Going to work at a job that you dislike can damage your self-esteem and threaten your well-being over time. You don’t have to struggle in a toxic work environment or stay in a career you’re bored with or overqualified for. Consider other positions you could apply for, or look into educational opportunities that qualify you for higher-paying, more suitable positions.

Always ask yourself whether you are putting in the right attitude and contribution at work – if you are, and there is no return, then something is not right. Something needs to change. A receptive manager or supervisor should hear you out if things feel strained at work – if they aren’t interested, that is another signal to say you will be better off elsewhere.

Consider Your Living Space

Spending every day in a place you don't like can easily drain your energy and discourage you from pursuing your preferred lifestyle. Though it may take you some time to save money and find a more ideal place, it’s totally possible to find somewhere more satisfying to live. Of course, income is a key driver for what we can afford in terms of living arrangements.

Think about the area that attracts you, and sometimes there are properties on the edge of that space which are more affordable. House sharing with a view to reducing rent and saving up for a mortgage, is another way to work upwards towards that desired home. If you are stuck for options, it is sometimes possible to build social networks and improve your living space, so that it better reflects the kind of life you wish to enjoy.

Adjust Your Habits and Adjust Your Life

It’s easy to get caught up in bad habits, but you can fix them and change your course for more satisfying experiences. Consider changing negative habits that affect your health, your career, or your happiness. Many people will never need professional assistance for the issues described in this article. However, we are all unique and we are all negotiating our own stresses and challenges. If you do need help with mood management, motivation or overcoming debilitating stress and anxiety, why not discover a new direction by contacting Solihull Well Being Clinic today?..

Email: for a consultation.

Images - Courtesy of Pexels

Article By Lucille Rosetti


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