Working as a Dietitian in the Private Sector

I am blog naïve – I don’t usually read them and I’ve never written one. However, there’s a first time for everything. I’m not at all sure what potential readers might want to know about, so please share if there are specific topics you’d be interested in. Working in the private sector is a new area for me, and I am very pleased to be able to use a room at Solihull Wellbeing Clinic, where there are a broad range of other health professionals working alongside me. Many people have never met with a dietitian and some are anxious at the thought of doing so. There's no need for anxiety, as I am just a down to earth person wanting to help. We are trained in behaviour change, motivational interview

Loss and Bereavement

Losing someone you care about can be difficult to make sense of and cope with, whilst trying to resume a semblance of normality in life. Both seemingly feeling impossible to achieve. Grief is a very individual experience and I have, through my work, found client’s expressing how lost and alone they feel despite being surrounded by friends and family. Everything they have known has often changed, with huge adjustments needed to their previous responsibilities and roles. I have found that because grief is such an individual journey, the time it takes, together with the intensity and impact on each person affected, is unique to them. Through my training, I have found there are a lot of theori

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