Free to be Me

Imagine if you will that we're already free - rather than imagining a seemingly endless struggle (mostly 'away' from ourselves) to some unknown place and time when we might eventually feel free to be ourselves. Instead of focusing on some unspecified future time, we could turn our attention inwards and ask ourselves, "what blocks me from feeling that freedom, right here, right now?" Our blocks - when we turn our attention to them - may be many and varied, although it's likely that some of them hang on common threads. Several of my peers agreed that lowered expectations for our gender may have left some of us feeling limited and marginalised. Coming from a different generation, we have someti

Ignite Your Inner Potential™

I get asked by my clients about a format, structure or process to follow to change their lives. Now, this can differ from person to person but here are the steps that I certainly use to change the outcomes in my life. 1. Get Yourself into the Right State - What mood or emotion are you in right now? Are you feel tired, frustrated or angry? Perhaps you are sad or depressed. Do you think that you are in a good state to make decisions? The chances are the any decision we take is going to be influenced by our state of mind at any given time. I only make decisions (wherever possible) when I'm in a strong state of mind, when I'm feeling confident, strong or happy. This ensures that my decisions are

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