How to Manage Stress

Who isn't stressed nowadays? Too much to do, not enough time - that's the story of everyone's life, right? But, it need not be so. A few changes in mind-set, and a review of life choices, might just unfurl those sails and get you coasting again. Read on if you want to learn some stress busting ideas and techniques. If you want to get your head around stress and how it works, then take a look at another blog in this series - "Understanding Stress". Attitudes and Internal Resources Certain events, situations and circumstances are inherently stress provoking, but the internal resources of an individual can help. It's because the stress response is a balance between our perception of a demand

Understanding Stress

Stress is a common part of life. As the world we live in becomes smaller, faster and more demanding the simple joys of life become more precious and fleeting. Most of us cope, and get past each situation as it comes our way. For some, the stresses and demands build up and become so large we begin to wobble under their sheer weight. When our coping resources can't manage anymore, we feel acute stress and anxiety. If left unacknowledged, a host of problems come along. These may take a toll on our health, or lead to behaviors that are risky and even life-limiting. Read on, if you want to understand the stress response. If you're more interested in knowing how to learn some stress breaking stra

Overcoming Grief, Loss & Bereavement

Loss naturally brings stress and turmoil. It is a painful process. I hope to offer some ideas that may help, so please read on. The tragedy of life is that everything we hold dear and precious, is not here to stay. That which gives the most pleasure, joy and happiness also holds the seeds for the most pain and hurt when it departs. I'm not saying you should step away from all of this - rather, it has to be embraced, in it's totality. It's not what you 'resist', but how you 'persist' that counts. It's about learning to integrate with the comings and goings, the ups and downs, the profits and losses of life...and, yes, of death. Letting go is not a choice. No matter how hard you try to convin

How to Help Children with Asperger's Syndrome

So, you're worried about your child. He can't make friends, won't keep eye contact when talking with you and avoids social situations as if they were the scariest thing on the planet! You're worried he might be anxious, or worse still, maybe he is on the Autism Spectrum - perhaps with a diagnosis like Asperger's Syndrome. I'm going to use my experience as a lifespan Psychologist, to help you understand what you may be dealing with, and how best to help. I assume if you're continuing to read, your child just doesn't play like other children you know. He may not connect when other people are upset, and when you tell him he'd better "pull his socks up", that's exactly what he does....literall

Journey to New Consulting Rooms...

As a Psychologist, I have struggled to find affordable and warm consulting rooms for my private practice. Where rooms exist for rent, they are just not tailored for my needs. The chairs aren't comfortable enough, the space is too much like an office, and you just can't get past the clutter of unneeded furniture, instruments and ornaments! What more could I expect from rooms in dental surgeries, physiotherapy practices or commercial offices? Well, they served their purpose, but a new proposition was far overdue. It's been a long search trying to find just the right venue for the Solihull Well Being Clinic. Which locality? How much space? What about parking facilities? Too public? Too hid

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