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Pre-Natal Yoga helps ease your Pregnancy experience

There are many reasons that yoga can help a mother during pregnancy, this may

be improving strength and stamina in the body or helping with emotional support at a vulnerable time in their life. During pregnancy the Mother may feel anxious and frightened, hormones can play havoc with emotions and she may start to become even more conscious of her own health and that of her unborn baby. The Mother may want to start taking more care of herself by eating sensibly and trying anything and everything to alleviate those pregnancy niggles that keep her up all night! Prenatal Yoga can certainly help with restful sleep.

Working on breath control known as pranamyana in yoga during a prenatal class may also be beneficial to mothers helping them to keep calm, relaxed and focused which they will find useful during the birth or even in an emergency or planned c-section where anxiety levels can rise. Deep breathing helps to calm the nervous system into parasympathetic mode which is responsible for relaxation. This can help the Mother to sleep better and ensure the immune system is working to an optimal level.

During pregnancy you may start to feel breathless as baby begins to grow and the Mothers organs become a little more restricted as the diaphragm can’t move up and down. Pranamyana and deep breathing focusses on rib cage breathing, which can help to increase lung capacity and offer some relief.

The physical body is often more supported during midwife and hospital visits but pregnancy also has a massive effect on the energetic body. This can lead to increased exhaustion and it is important that we focus on connecting the physical and energetic bodies together bringing prana or energy into the body. The breath can also be a useful form of pain management when going through contractions in labour creating distance between body and mind into a relaxed state of peace.

I have started classes at Solihull Well Being Clinic, and would be happy to work with you, or respond to any queries you may have.

Charlotte Evans

Qualified Yoga Teacher

Charlotte Evans is a registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance having completed 200 hrs Hatha yoga training with Sandstone in Birmingham and pregnancy training with Whitespace Yoga studio Milton Keynes. Her classes are a balanced stretchy flow suitable for every body especially beginners followed by a well earned relaxation. Charlotte enjoys helping others to nurture body, mind and soul with Yoga

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