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Free to be Me

Imagine if you will that we're already free - rather than imagining a seemingly endless struggle (mostly 'away' from ourselves) to some unknown place and time when we might eventually feel free to be ourselves. Instead of focusing on some unspecified future time, we could turn our attention inwards and ask ourselves, "what blocks me from feeling that freedom, right here, right now?"

Our blocks - when we turn our attention to them - may be many and varied, although it's likely that some of them hang on common threads. Several of my peers agreed that lowered expectations for our gender may have left some of us feeling limited and marginalised. Coming from a different generation, we have sometimes felt trapped by our wombs, by traditional marriage, motherhood and by juggling work and running a family and home. Other blocks that clients share with me include a conviction that they couldn't possibly contemplate 'free' until they'd firstly freed everyone else, (sadly an impossible task), or they weren't aware they had a choice to be free or if they did they didn't feel worthy or deserving of that freedom!

Perceived blocks to creative, expressive and financial freedom often result from a lack of education and qualifications which, in turn, result in the lack of a meaningful and rewarding career - as laid out in society's scale of 'values'. As has often been said, "De-nial is not a river in Egypt", and many clients didn't just feel undeserving of freedom, they had little or no idea what freedom might actually mean or look like - often because it had never been modelled to them. In writing of these blocks, I do not wish to dismiss or diminish the density and impact of poverty, dysfunctional living and mental illness as far bigger hurdles to overcome. However, if there is a capacity and willingness within a person to break away and change then I believe that, with compassionate professional help and appropriate peer group support, even these bigger blocks can be reduced in size.

I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of recovery from alcoholism - whether through direct addiction or growing up in or living with the disease itself. As a qualified Life Coach it has been hugely valuably for me to go through this 'unblocking' process myself. This has brought a real authenticity to what I have to offer clients that are drawn to me. Through coaching with its specific language and behaviours, the client is offered a safe, fertile and expansive space to unravel and explore these blocks to freedom. Using a tailored approach to suit the individual client's needs, inspired by their personal vision for a preferred future, we work together to name and ultimately remove these blocks, supported by a variety of trusted tools and techniques - most important of which is that 'curious questioning' technique we coaches love to use!

If you are interested in getting in touch with the inner freedom you already possess but have not yet accessed, there are several ways you can proceed: In addition to 1:1 sessions here at the clinic or in my home, I will be speaking on the topic, "Free to be Me" on Saturday April 22nd at the Tree of Life Festival.

I am also offering a 3-part evening course 'Free to Be Me' at the Solihull Wellbeing Clinic starting on Wednesday May 10th (see Classes/Groups page for details and to register for a place). Contact me via or my Coaching Together website I look forward to working with you whenever you are ready.


Caroline Gibbs

Life Coach and Listener

Caroline Gibbs is an NCP (National Council of Therapists) registered Life Coach holding an EDI qualification in Performance Coaching along with qualifications in Counselling Skills, Solution Focused Thinking and Psychology. Her client testimonials show the effectiveness of coaching in releasing the client from the blocks that can deny us the freedom we already have:- "I feel more in control of my situation, more empowered to deal with things..." Sarah; "Being guided to find and then work through blocks was hard work but definitely pushed me to move forward..." Laura; "It became quite a cleansing and liberating process and one that pointed me in the right direction towards the happy path I am currently on..." Tracey; It wasn't until I had the coaching sessions that I was helped to recognise my behaviours..." Teresa.

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