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How to be more...Authentic

A lady sipping coffee by the kitchen window was showing her husband how dirty her neighbour's laundry was. The husband in turn opened her eyes to the fact that it was not the dirty linen, but the stains on the kitchen window that needed cleaning! What seems true isn't always true. "We see things as we are and not as they are".

Often we hear about authentic cuisine, best made from the region it originates from, by chefs who have been raised there. They draw upon fresh ingredients, together with time tested methods of preparations handed down from generations. But until we have actually tasted that food, we may hold onto the idea that what we’ve tried routinely, is the best. It’s all about experience. This goes true for jewellery, furniture, garments, shoes, watches and virtually everything that is man-made. All things have different levels of purity and originality. We all have an over-arching need to eat well, dress nicely and be associated with as much authenticity as possible. We naturally prefer the ‘real’ to the ‘imitation’.

It is a common occurrence, that we are attracted to people we see as genuine, and try to avoid those who pretend, behave inconsistently and leave us feeling unsure of their actual intentions. Authenticity in relationships, is also something we all seek.

Having worked in an ISO certified company, I understood that to be ISO compliant, year after year, the company had to adhere to a number of regulatory controls laid out and signed off with the audit committee. Simply put, it meant 3 things -

- Do what you say

- Say what you do, and...

- Document the same

In terms of the authentic human being, we are genuine when we "say what we mean and mean what we say". This requires resonance between our thoughts, words and behaviours. This is possible when we have had a reflective upbringing, or met people who have helped us review our approach to life, our relationship with others and most especially, how we relate to ourselves.

Counselling and psychological therapies are an extraordinary support in this regard. Many see talking therapies as interventions to be sought when problems arise. Whilst this may be the norm, it is also the case that any person can undertake a course in counselling. It can stretch the imagination, and at the same time bring us closer to ourselves. They are a real help in becoming more authentic, open and confident in our transactions at home, work and play.

Shiva Rane

Reiki Practitioner

Shiva is a business professional, who has also developed a practice in Reiki medicine. He offers treatments on a pro-bono basis, asking clients to put contributions (however large or small) towards charities he supports. He is also a life coach speaker, addressing large audiences across the UK on matters of well-being, hope and living with integrity.

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