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Researchers Map Elevated Emotional Intelligence after a Low-cost Depression Recovery Program

A new study shows the important role a low-cost 8week depression recovery program has on increasing the emotional intelligence scores of the participants. The study presented at the Society of Biological Psychiatry May 13, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia was widely appreciated. Neil Nedley, MD, and Francisco E. Ramirez, MD, observed that at the completion of the program over 20% of participants were now classified as having very high emotional intelligence compared to less than 9% at the start of the program. They also noted that the 5,621 individuals in nine countries who finished the program, improved their emotional intelligence score by an average of nine points. This is a common sense assumption which science is only now beginning to demonstrate. The implications for giving people a reason to change that can bring healing as well as assisting them to excel in their future lives by improving their emotional intelligence cannot be overstated.

Improved emotional intelligence brings immediate benefits to emotional health, relationships, work, and the quality of life. Those with high emotional intelligence are able to manage their emotions and better understand emotions in others. “Increased job satisfaction, promotions, and stronger marriages, are just some of the benefits we have seen,” says Francisco E. Ramirez, MD.

Incoming participants take a 75 item questionnaire to gauge depression, anxiety and emotional intelligence. Participants then take part in eight two-hour meetings held one night a week. They watch pre-recorded presentations of Neil Nedley, MD, presenting materials on mental health and the science linked to improving depression and anxiety. After the presentation participants are divided into professionally facilitated small groups where the material presented and how it can be incorporated into their lives is discussed. After completing the program, a final 75 item questionnaire is given to complete their assessment. It involves a practical skills approach that enables participants to tackle their problems by harnessing their emotional intelligence.”

This new study reveals that significant elevations can be achieved in emotional intelligence. The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as taught by this program can further propel participants lives in positive directions. The research will be published later this year in the Journal of Biological Psychology. The programme is already available, at Solihull Well Being Clinic.

Nichola Lewis BSc Health and Environmental Science

Depression Recovery Practitioner

Nichola Lewis has over 20 years experience in health and wellbeing. She runs courses in stress management and depression recovery, and uses her Nurse training to see patients for wellbeing health checks, which include lifestyle, weight management and nutritional advice,

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