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From Disappointment to Fulfilment

Disappointment is a part of life, try as we might, we cannot save ourselves or be shielded from it. We can however make a choice. That choice is to accept that not everyone can come first in the race. We aren't all destined to become A* students or academics.

There is no need to feel disheartened. Every failure brings an opportunity for a different kind of creative success. While it is true that not everyone in the world will become a famous Singer, Footballer, Doctor, Lawyer or Rocket Scientist, there is a role uniquely available to you.

Accepting that the road on which you currently travel no longer brings joy, doesn't have to be accompanied by feelings of shame, blame or inadequacy. Would you rather be the person who laments in the dusk of their life that you never enjoyed your work, or become the person who decided to pause, take a deep breath of life and say 'this no longer serves me.'

To begin again, to work harder and smarter, to recognise that your route or particular journey no longer thrills or excites you can be a catalyst for a renewal - a creative burst of imaginings and ultimately, a rebirth!

This can lead to a life that brings a greater sense of fulfilment and joy. Re-evaluating what you have always accepted or known to be can open doors you were previously unaware existed.

A celebration could follow such a major life changing realisation. It has been said that, "the dawn of a new day always follows the darkest hour". Put differently, we have to accept that we are lost before we can begin to find our way.

The Psychiatrist Dr Rollo May said in his book 'Man's Search for Himself' that the opposite of courage in our society today is not is conformity. By all means follow the 'greats' down the well trodden path, provided it leads you to your self-identified goals and not those set for you by someone else.

Be prepared to take a detour if every fibre of your being cries out that your journey feels wrong. When your heart beats to a different drum, move with the rhythm and practice some new steps. Only when you take a leap of faith will you experience peace, bliss and the realisation of a life fulfilled.

Jackie is an integrative counsellor, with many years of experience working with adults, children and families. She follows the principles of non-judgemental acceptance of the clients she works with, together with unconditional positive regard, authentic listening and empathy. Read more about her, here

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