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Finding Happiness Within

Many things in life make us happy but life is full of duality and the same things that can make us happy can also make us unhappy. Like the piece of cake we had last night which we really enjoyed and brought us much happiness but we are now starting to regret it as we step on the bathroom scales. How do we find the balance between happiness and unhappiness? How can we integrate them?

Reiki is much more than a healing technique. It is a tool to restore your inner balance from which we are able to integrate the apparent duality of the world. For many of us it can become a way of life and a way to make sense of the world. Reiki is part of humanity’s sacred knowledge. It is our heritage. Reiki belongs to humanity as a whole, by claiming it as ours, we are not only helping ourselves and others, we are also stepping into our own power.

What Reiki Does

Reiki helps us remove our conditioning and rediscover who we are. It helps us connect with our essence, the universe and all the knowledge we already possess of it. Ever wonder about the meaning of life? We sense a higher purpose and often feel we want to do something meaningful, make the world a better place but we often feel powerless, like our contribution is just one drop in the desert, so tiny it will not make a difference. But the good news is that it does make a difference. Practising Reiki or having Reiki treatments can amplify your contribution and multiply your effort. Your drop of water becomes rain in the desert. Because you are drawing universal energy, so you multiply your energy just by your intention.

We are connected to everything that breathes, we can draw strength, energy and guidance from anything and everything around us. We live in physical bodies and rely on our 5 physical senses but we also have our energy body, our aura, which we have not been trained to use. With our energy body we can sense and feel the universe and the energy of the Beings of Light who accompany us through our journey on earth. We have the power to transcend our physical bodies and sense those powerful universal energies but we often don’t know how to do this.

We are built to receive information, like a radio. If you only ever connect to Radio 1, that is what shapes your perception of the world. And if you are invited to tune into a different radio station that you have never heard of you might feel dubious about tuning in and not sure what you will make of it. Is the radio station well established? Is it credible, is it reliable, is it popular? Angelic Reiki helps you tune into a totally different radio station you may have been aware of but not quite sure about how to connect, or whether to connect at all!

Positive Effects of Angelic Reiki

Through Angelic Reiki you become attuned to the universal energies and this energises your light body/aura, it brings you new insights, guidance, feelings of peace, deep relaxation and wellbeing. It releases past patterns of behaviour or thought and raises your vibration.

Other positive effects of Angelic Reiki is that it gives us an “upgrade”. Imagine your computer has not been updated for 10 years. How is your computer going to work? It is probably extremely slow and doesn’t connect to apps but you may feel you are used to it and it’s so familiar that you don’t want to change it. We are not that different from the technology we use. Things change all the time and if we always behave in the same way and do the same things, we become stagnant and keep on reacting the same way. When the situation has actually changed, we can choose to act differently but our particular version of ourselves doesn’t see that because we are drawn to familiar ways of acting. We feel that is who we are, that is just us! Angelic Reiki is a way for us to receive that upgrade, which our operating system or our app really needs to be able to function at a more advanced level. When we receive our upgrade, we start realising we do have more choices than we realised before, we can do things differently and the answer to our challenges is often right there in front of us but we had never considered that we can find solutions to our daily challenges easily. When we operate from a balanced and higher perspective, which Angelic Reiki brings to us, these solutions present themselves.

Making Changes

Angelic Reiki is an intuitive system of healing and self-improvement. It supports any changes you may want to make in your life. For some it may be about making healthy living choices, for others it may be about abandoning old habits which are obsolete and for others it may be about finding more about themselves and their life purpose.

Angelic Reiki gives each of us what we require at that moment in time but it is important that we come to it with a particular intention. For those who are on a spiritual journey and may want to learn Angelic Reiki, you don’t need to have lots of previous spiritual knowledge or practice. If you are spiritual, enjoy learning and have an open mind that is all you need to attend and benefit from the Angelic Reiki course. Please contact the Solihull Wellbeing Clinic, for information about taster experiences of Reiki, and training courses in Angelic Reiki.

Irene Molina

Reiki Practitioner

Irene Molina is a Reiki Practitioner, offering both ​​Tsui Reiki (the traditional Reiki healing method which originated in Japan in the late 1800s) and also Angelic Reiki (a more modern method of Reiki which taps into the energy of healing beings such as Archangels and Ascended Masters). Irene also holds a degree in Human Resources, Learning and Development and an MA in Human Resources Management.

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