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Vision Boarding - Creating a Picture of Health

Type 'Vision Boards' into your search engine and you will be inundated with images, advice, topics and tips on this popular on-trend method of manifesting your dreams and goals.

Lucinda Cross, best-selling author and international speaker, defines creating a vision board as being, "like selling an idea to yourself!"

Recently I ran a highly successful vision board workshop at the popular Solihull Well Being Clinic. A small group of us came together to create our own personalised 'pictures of health' - physical, spiritual and emotional health, that is.

I began the morning by sharing a bit about vision boards - how they can be so effective in taking what has begun as an idea in our heads and bringing it out to where it can be seen - the power to be gained from gazing at/contemplating on the words and images that define where we want to be next.

I was also able to let the group know how vision boards can provide a useful structure for working 1:1 with a life coach. We each shared a little about what we were hoping to gain from the morning and what had brought us there that day.

Plentiful resources were at hand and we were soon making more mess than a classroom of 5-year olds! Cork boards, magazines, scissors, glue, stickers, felt pens and pins. We reminded ourselves that focusing on the 5 Fs would give us a helpful structure;

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Faith

  • Finance

  • Fitness

As may well be imagined, there were various approaches to creating our vision boards. Avid page rippers, tearing their way through magazines removing any word or image that seemed to call them, contemplative page turners finding something of interest and neatly cutting it out before placing it on a neat pile for possible sticking later and the slow starters who wished they'd started wishing and dreaming over a week ago! But, above all, there was the positive energy created by the group itself, as they talked, shared resources, made suggestions even told stories of past vision board successes. We drank tea and coffee, ate snacks - carefully brushing the crumbs away before they became embedded in glue. Snip. Stick. Rip. Tear. Stamp. Review. Laugh. Chat. The morning passed far too quickly by.

We talked about not only the value of seeing our vision boards every day, even if only for the briefest time, but also of the value in regularly re-evaluating our boards as well. Whenever we achieve something, we can remove it and replace it with the next dream or goal. It's good to keep the old ones though so we can see how far we've come. Nor should we be afraid to edit our board. Sometimes what we first thought we wanted turns out not to be what our heart wanted at all.

The beauty of the vision board is that it visually and tangibly supports our dreams and helps to close the gap between where we are now and where we'd like to be next.

Group members left the session (somewhat reluctantly to tell you the truth) clutching their personalised vision boards, having done all they could and proudly shown them to each other. All agreed that it had been a creative, energising and in some cases surprising experience - and feeling that it was wonderful to squander so much time on themselves and on having so much fun.

Feedback on the morning was also most encouraging:

  • Fabulous. This course has given me clarity to what I really want in life,"

  • It certainly opened up my mind to the possibility of change.

  • A gathering of like-minded people.

  • Caroline is fabulous - practical, motivating with a great sense of humour. An excellent experience.

  • Definitely brings your vibration up and helps you to focus on the things you want.

  • I realised that my wants and needs are more powerful than the superficial. Thank you for inspiring me.

Caroline Gibbs

Life Coach and Listener

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