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I get asked by my clients about a format, structure or process to follow to change their lives. Now, this can differ from person to person but here are the steps that I certainly use to change the outcomes in my life.

1. Get Yourself into the Right State - What mood or emotion are you in right now? Are you feel tired, frustrated or angry? Perhaps you are sad or depressed. Do you think that you are in a good state to make decisions? The chances are the any decision we take is going to be influenced by our state of mind at any given time. I only make decisions (wherever possible) when I'm in a strong state of mind, when I'm feeling confident, strong or happy. This ensures that my decisions are positive as a consequence.

2. Decide to Change - Nothing in your life will change until YOU decide it should. Every change process starts with this decision. Whether you are an individual or an organisation, until you decide you want to change, you will stay the same and stagnate. Make that decision now.

3. What is your goal? How clear and specific is it? Do you know what you want or where you want to go? If not, how can you realistically expect to reach your destination? Just as when we are travelling to a specific location we need to know where we are going otherwise we will end up aimlessly wandering around nowhere fast.

4. Why do you want this goal? Is it because you want financial freedom to do something else? Do you just want to enjoy life or buy nicer things, or have better relationships? You will have your own reasons for why you want your goal but I always think of this as being the foundation of everything. Unless you have a clear WHY you will never maintain the passion to drive your commitment to change.

5. Take MASSIVE action - you will not win the lottery if you never buy a ticket, no matter how much you want it. Action is so very important to achieving any success. What action do you need to take right now towards achieving your goal? Once you start taking action do not stop. It might not work straight away. You may need to fail several times until something positive happens but keep relentlessly taking action.

6. Create new habits - If you do the same thing how can you expect different results? By now though you should have a clear idea of what your goal is, why you want it and be taking different actions. It will seem strange at first, uncomfortable even. This is only because you are consciously doing things different from the set patterns of behaviour you were in before.Your routines have changed and now you are way outside your comfort zone. Here's the good news. If you continue to adopt the new behaviour you will start getting used to it and very soon you will do it without even thinking about it. You will have created a new routine. For you to get to that point though you need to persevere and not give up, no matter how uncomfortable it might seem.

7. Once you start thinking and doing things differently, you will start having different perspectives on life. You paradigm will have shifted. We hold the beliefs that we hold because of the variety of people that have influenced us throughout our life. As much as we love or respect them it does not mean that they are right. Embrace your new paradigm because it is a result of your efforts. You may find yourself mixing with different people or learning new ways of doing things. You may sense or experience more success and happiness. It is a direct result of your initial decision to change.

These are the steps or principles I adhere to whenever I want to change any aspect of my life. I hope they serve you well.

Kul Mahay

Immersion Coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

Kul is also certified as a Trainer, Speaker and Coach by John C. Maxwell, renowned as the number 1 Leadership Expert in the world. He has worked as a senior leader in the UK Police Service for the past 20 years and has led a wide range of specialist departments, whilst managing multi-million pound budgets. He has also held command in demanding, critical scenarios and learnt the value of versatile and transformational leadership. Kul has coached clients around the world, worked as a columnist in magazines, and is the author of a popular book, “Smash the Habit”.

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