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Forgiveness...Sets You Free

So - why are we talking about Forgiveness?

Forgiveness of ourselves and others? Speaking from my own experience, when I reached a healthy understanding of things in my life, it was as if the covers had been lifted from my eyes. There was a period when I become super-aware of my own shortcomings, which had now been claimed and named, but also became much more conscious of how others behaved. I resolved to accept everything - exactly as it was - not trying to change anyone or anything else. Furthermore, to stay calm and accept myself exactly as I'd been, how I had become and even how I still was.

Added to this acceptance, I had to be prepared to forgive myself and forgive others. There are surely many ways to approach forgiveness of self and others - but one approach I'd like to share with you is this: a quote from A Course in Miracles: "Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free."

This quote is also the subtitle for the chapter Forgiving the Past 'in a book by Louise Hay and Robert Holden, entitled Life Loves You. In this chapter, Robert and Louise are discussing why some people can't hear/won't accept they are loved by life. Louise explains that some people won't believe these words because of the guilt they carry around. Guilt is described as a loss of innocence. It's what we experience when we've forgotten the basic truth - that we are loveable! When we lose sight of this, our feeling of unworthiness causes us to feel un-loveable and often to behave in un-loving ways towards others, and yes to ourselves too.

Further on, Louise explains that her most important work has been to help people to heal guilt. She wrote, "feeling guilty about what you did, or what someone did to you, doesn't make the past go away. Guilt doesn't make the past better...when you feel guilt or believe that you are unworthy, you should use it as a sign that you need to heal..." She tells us that this is done through a process of Forgiveness.

Robert asks her where we might begin with such a vast subject. Louise explains, "until you love your inner child you will have no idea how loveable you are, and you won't see how much life loves you."She goes on to tell us;

"Loving the inner child is about forgiving ourselves for our loss of innocence and loss of goodness. The truth is we all did the best we could with what we knew at every stage of our childhood. And yet, we may still be judging ourselves and punishing ourselves for not having done it better, for making mistakes, for abandoning ourselves, for upsetting others and for not being a good enough boy or girl. Until we forgive ourselves, we will be trapped in a prison of righteous resentment. Forgiveness is the only way out of this prison. Forgiveness sets you free”.

Louise goes on to recommend a mirror work meditation, to help et past some of the obstacles to loving and forgiving ourselves. I’d like to share this with you;

Sitting in front of a mirror, place your hands over your heart. Take a deep breath. See yourself through the eyes of love. And speak to yourself with love.

I am loveable and life loves me.

I forgive myself for all the times I've beenafraid

I am not loveable.

I am loveable and life loves me.

I forgive myself for judging myself and for not believing in my goodness.

I am loveable and life loves me.

I forgive myself for feeling unworthy and for believing I don't deserve love.

I am loveable and life loves me.

I forgive myself for all the times I've criticised and attacked myself.

I am loveable and life loves me.

I forgive myself for rejecting andgiving up on myself.

I am loveable and life loves me.

I forgive myself for doubting myself and for not trusting in me.

I am loveable and life loves me.

I forgive myself for my mistakes.

I am loveable and life loves me.

I ask for forgiveness so that I can learn.

I accept forgiveness so that I can grow.

I am loveable and life loves me.

Caroline Gibbs

Life Coach Caroline works independently as a Life Coach,. She has extensive experience in working with individuals and creative group processes, having run VISION BOARD WORKSHOPS and the acclaimed FREE TO BE ME course at Solihull Well Being Clinic over the years. She is currently running a group coaching forum, called SIMPLY SELF AWARE, where like minded members can share positive experiences and ideas in a calm and peaceful setting. If you would like to join Caroline's meetings, do please contact us

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