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Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki may be described as the Universal Life Healing Energy, as it flows through every living thing. This natural system of healing was brought to us by Master Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Reiki is easily adapted to most medical conditions and is safe for all ages. It works effectively alongside conventional healthcare and natural remedies, supporting recovery. It works in all areas – strengthens the body, eliminates blockages, works detoxifying and gently restores our body’s natural harmony, well-being and the intelligent immune system bringing our consciousness to a higher level. CLosely associated with Reiki are the Essenian Healings, Essenian Healing Journeys and Pleiadian Healings, which are all very powerful energy healing techniques, they address our karma – our true life path we have chosen for ourselves and just like the Essenian Healing Journeys and the Pleiadian Healings they are the only 5th dimensional healings on Earth. I run Reiki and Energy Healing for Well-Being sessions, which include a 5min Individual Reiki Treatment and a talk on "5th Dimensional Energy Healing" techniques. These sessions are a great opportunity to experience Reiki and learn more about The Essenian and Pleiadian Healings. I encourage all attendees to complete a short exercise on how as aspect of Reiki can support their everyday Health and Well-Being, focused around positive and negative thoughts. I like to have music playing with images on the screen, to create an ambient experience.

Sahera Parveen

Essenian Assistant Healer & Reiki Master

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