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We Are Like Cake!

Egyptian Reflexology Practice

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered cake? There are lots of cakes to choose from on the menu: Black Forest Gateaux, Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Fudge, Lemon Drizzle, Devil’s Food Cake and even Angel Cake! The list is endless.

But what if your order arrived and was presented to you, not in full but in parts. Not the slice of cake that you were expecting but all the raw ingredients measured out exactly according to the recipe, and in several bowls of varying sizes. Flour, butter, eggs, icing sugar, water, maybe some jam and cream and even a cherry...all laid out before you. What would you make of that?

These raw ingredients would be very difficult to swallow, let alone enjoy. Imagine trying to take in 8oz of flour or 2 raw eggs? Not easy unless you are Rocky Balboa and certainly not advised after Edwina Curry's Salmonella scare. But these same ingredients, when blended together in the correct order and baked at the right temperature for the right amount of time, create magic! All of the ingredients put together in the right measure, and heated just as long as needed, combine to make a delicious cake. Of course, decorations can be added to make it look extra good.

Yes, yes...I remember the pleasant memory of licking out a cake bowl, with all the gooey cake mix. But too much of that and it's a tummy ache just waiting to happen. The baking is key. If the oven temperature is too hot or if the cake mix stays in too long, it will burn and be too hard to swallow. If the temperature is too low or it doesn’t stay in long enough it will be under cooked and again hard to swallow. If you don’t believe me watch the very popular TV show The Great British Bake Off! To get it just right is no easy feat.

Only too often this is how we view ourselves, and perhaps others also. We take one element that we find a bit too hard to swallow and we focus on that. "I’m too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, too ugly, too uneducated, too old, too young, too broke"...and we go on and on and on, putting ourselves down, dissecting ourselves into ever smaller and smaller pieces of undesirable elements. Then others do it to us too. "He’s too loud, too quiet, too fast, too slow, too bossy, too placid, too grumpy or too over bearing.".... "She is too vain, too clumsy, too forgetful, too pretty, too independent or too laid back". Every characteristic can always be too this or too that for others and at times even for ourselves.

As a Life Coach I support you to become your own master baker! I help you identify, understand and accept all of your characteristics, your elements, your raw ingredients together and I help you to blend them together to make your own delicious cake! Yes, in parts (like in any cake recipe), some aspects of who you are or how you see yourself, may be hard to swallow. But you are the sum total, and much more. As a whole, even what you consider insignificant or repulsive has it's role and part to play.

As your Life Coach I would work with you under set conditions, for a set amount of time to help you make that magic happen! To help you fully understand and accept yourself. My motto is “Know Yourself. Control Yourself. Be Yourself!”

Then you will never be too anything. You will always be ENOUGH. You will always be sufficient. You will be your own delightful cake from the flour to the cherry on the top. How wonderful does that sound? After all most people love cake, don’t they?

Myrah Duckworth

Life Coach, Reiki Healer, Author, Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Quote Writer and Teacher

Myrah has many attributes and qualities, covering a host of areas. She specialises in education, special needs and disabilities, challenging behaviour, confidence, self esteem, issues relating to women, children, young people and ethnic minorities. Myrah make use of spirituality where this feels appropriate and helpful. She runs regular sessions at Solihull Well Being Clinic

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