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Thoughts - How Reliable Are They?

If you have ever found yourself convinced beyond doubt by the thoughts in your head, acted on them and then wondered, "what the heck happened there?" it's likely that you will be interested in exploring the power and influence of your thoughts and to be ready to question their reliability.

Alternatively, you may just be curious and open to working 1:1 or joining a positive group to give a little more attention to how your thoughts endlessly shape your experiences and how you can become more involved in that process.

If you are interested in delving a little deeper into your thoughts and their reliability, there are several ways you can proceed: in addition to 1:1 sessions here at the clinic or in my Solihull home, I will be speaking on the topic, 'Thoughts - How reliable are they?' on Saturday October 14th at the Tree of Life Festival.

Following the Festival, I am offering a 4-part evening course, 'Thoughts. How reliable are they?' at the Solihull Wellbeing Clinic starting on Tuesday November 7th for 4 consecutive Tuesdays

Drawing on personal experiences, observations and interactive discussions, through talking and sharing, together we will come to some enlightening conclusions on this...I think!

As a group we will look into the contributing influences for those thoughts that pop into our heads and we will learn how to move from unconscious thinking to a more conscious 'thinking of choice'. We will get our thoughts working more 'reliably' for us, for more of the time!

As a qualified Life Coach it has been hugely valuably for me to go through this 'unpicking of the thought process' myself. I believe this brings genuine authenticity to what I have to offer clients that are drawn to work with me.

Through coaching, with its specific language and behaviours, clients are offered a safe, fertile and expansive space to unravel and explore their thinking. Using a tailored approach to suit the client's needs, inspired by their personal vision for a preferred future, we work together to name and dismantle any blocks, supported by a variety of trusted tools and techniques - most important of which is that 'curious questioning' technique that we coaches love to use.

Client testimonials show the effectiveness of both coaching and group work as evidenced by the positive feedback following the 'Free to be Me' course earlier this year. Ratings were predominantly 'Excellent' for delivery, content, resources and venue:

"I loved the informal nature of the course...

not to mention the humour...the content was enlightening and interesting." - J

"Great mix of people who willingly shared." - E

I look forward to working with you whenever you are ready.

Caroline Gibbs

Life Coach and Listener

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