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Interactive Play & Children's Wellbeing

In this age of technology and screen time, where tablets, phones, TV's, laptops and gaming etc. are all around us, it can be difficult to get young people interested in much else whilst at home. Adults seem to struggle to get away from screens too, at times!.

Young people seem to have lost something of their childhood, becoming concerned (sometimes obsessively so) with 'likes' or 'followers' on social media channels. I remember a time where children could be more free and playful, rather than being so self-conscious at such a tender age. This process is affecting the confidence and self-esteem of an entire generation of children, in ways that could never have been forseen. With the added pressures of exams and school, our children also have to contend with various social pressures - how to fit in, how to make and keep friends, and so much else!. It seems children nowadays have forgotton that its ok to let go, or how to laugh at themselves.

This led me to consider a workshop, in which I could bring to bear my skills in counselling children and the drama therapy expertise that I have developed over the years. The "Interactive Play and Children's Wellbeing workshop was born! I have considered a range of tools and experiences in the workshop, which will focus on using creative play and games to help encourage communication within the family, team building, bonding time and most importantly to have some fun! Through the medium of playing games the group will be reflecting on their processes, such as how well they work or not together, the roles they play and how this impacts the dynamics at home. Reflection is a key part of the workshop, because the ability to consider our thinking, feelings and behaviour is important if we are to appreciate ourselves and each other, whilst also being able to make changes that we need to see, or wish others to make.

To benefit from this workshop, it doesn't matter how old or young you are - that's what's great about using creative play - its for everyone and can help the family come together for a short period of time. 'Play' can help loosen people up (once the initial awkwardness is over!) and allows people to 'let go', even if it is just a little, to begin with. We can all get stuck in certain roles in our lives. Its also a great way for young people to see their carers and parents model playfulness and to see that it is 'ok' to be able to have fun, interact and to be able to laugh at yourself.

The workshop will be particularly beneficial to those who

1. feel their family struggle with communication at home

2. notice that emotions and feelings are not openly discussed or shared

3. struggle with rules and working together

4. miss quality family time together.

Book for this workshop as soon as you can, as places are limited. It will be a great opportunity to interact with other families and share ideas and tips!

Rozeena Sujjad

Drama Therapist and Counsellor

Rozeena provides individual and group therapies for children, young people, adults and families at Solihull Well Being Clinic. She has a range of experience and training, to include Systemic Family Therapy. Rozeena has worked in CAMHS/NHS Services and schools with children who have a range of emotional and behavioural issues. She has a degree in Psychology, Masters in Drama Therapy and is registered with HCPC (Health Care Professions Council)​​.

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