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Tai Chi Quigong

Tai Chi Classes involve music, movement and mindful meditation. The movements I practice and teach are known as ‘Qigong’ - one of the five disciplines of Tai Chi.

The discipline of Qigong does not teach you to become a martial artist, but focusses on mental and physical well-being .Quigong encourages a state of mindfulness. The moves are suitable for anyone of any age or level of fitness. They can even be done sitting down.

There is increasing evidence of the benefits of Qigong in the management of chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, and mindfulness has been known to be helpful in reducing stress.

I am running some new classes at the Solihull Well Being Clinic, every Tuesday from 7.30pm-8.30pm. Classes cost £7.00 and last one hour. Please get in touch, and I can say more about the approach, and how it may help you.

Sally Haynes-Preece

Sally Haynes-Preece has had a 40 year career as a hospital pharmacist. For the past 7 years her focus has been holistic therapies, since some of the techniques she is now qualified to teach helped her get off anti-depressants. Qigong and Mindfulness are the two latest techniques she has trained in. She uses these technques in her own daily self-care routines.

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