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Holistic Wellness Through META-Health

The World Health Organisation definition of health has not been amended since 1948. It reads, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

There is growing evidence to suggest that who we are, what we learn in life (the progressive and limiting beliefs we form), our physical symptoms, our mental and emotional states and our social behaviour are ALL meaningful in our search to reach our highest potential.

The most complete system of understanding this connectivity that I have found so far is META-Health. Meta is a Greek prefix meaning ‘beyond’ or ‘after’. So what could be after or beyond health? How are all of these aspects of health inextricably linked? And if they are, what does that mean for us?

META-Health is based on research conducted over a 20-30 year period by pioneers of German New Medicine. CT scans on the brains of patients with a variety of health issues demonstrated a consistent pattern of emotions linked to precise areas of the brain, associated organs and specific health needs.

Most of us can relate to having some emotional or mental stress in our life – the busy mum, the overworked professional, the business owner, the teacher, the student, there are different stressors for all of us.

Have you ever noticed feeling stressed at work, going on holiday and then getting ill? The research explained how in the ‘stress’ phase we don’t often notice the physical signs of a health issue, instead we will be actively worrying about the problem, trying to resolve it. Then when we resolve it – either by getting away from it or internally letting go, we then drop in to a second phase, a ‘healing’ phase, where the body will try to recover from the stress.

The research identified which emotions trigger specific symptoms and it also helps us understand chronic disease, where a trigger from the original stressful/ emotional event keeps happening and so can prevent the body from completely healing. The trigger may be external – a smell, sound, tone of voice, colour, taste etc., or internal – a thought or a bodily feeling.

META-Health, however, goes much further than this. This information becomes a tool for personal transformation and growth. Uncovering and releasing the emotions and beliefs that have formed around a situation (and often the beliefs are formed before the event that triggers the reaction) can help a person completely change their perspective, their behaviour, their social interactions, increase their self-awareness and ultimately their health on all levels.

An example could be someone with chronic lower back pain. In META-Health this can be understood as being connected to issues of self-worth – feeling unsupported, unable to support oneself or one’s family, (emotionally, financially, physically), feeling obliged to support others or making another person more important than oneself. Often this is the person others may experience as kind, always helpful, reliable or downtrodden, overburdened, and over-responsible.

So what would need to change? In the example mentioned, there may be beliefs that you are not good enough as you are or you won’t be loved unless you behave in a certain way. Changing those beliefs and learning to value yourself is key. Developing an ability to love yourself and knowing when to say ‘no’ in the specific life areas that are affected, would be a huge step forward. This would allow you to come from a place of joy and love when you serve others rather than one of weighed down responsibility. It would also assist in bringing a sense of your own worth, regardless of anyone else’s opinion.

What would your life be like, if you were able to behave authentically from a place of love not need, burden or responsibility? How could this expand you as a person? How would you feel if you recognised your equality with every other human on this planet and you felt connected to yourself and others at a deep level?

And to go back to all the areas of health and my specific example,

  • Mentally – thinking kind thoughts about yourself, valuing yourself

  • Emotionally – happy putting yourself first, to honour your needs

  • Socially – being more authentic, being able to say no or ask for help

  • Spiritually – more at peace, less inner conflict, living to your highest potential

  • Physically – lose the backache, avoid osteoporosis, feel more vitality

I believe that complete health cannot exist without fundamental change at all levels. True health is to be found in deep personal transformation, which META-Health can certainly help with.

Roni Flatley

Roni, an associate with Solihull Well Being Clinic, is an advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and a META-Health trainer. She uses her knowledge and experience within personal coaching, group coaching and workshops, loving every minute of the journey.

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