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Sahera Parveen

Sahera Parveen
Reiki Master

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I am a Teaching Reiki Master. I also practice Essenian Healings and Pleiadian healings. I am a Qualified Social Worker. Since being initiated as a Reiki Master, by my teacher Katarzyna Jablonska, I have grown in consciousness to understand that all that has been in my life, had to be; that it was my karma, to experience and learn from and bring back into balance the things I had inflicted on people, through wrong choices in other lives.


I have also begun my education in the Essenian Healings, at the Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing, in France, with the founder– highly clear-knowing spiritual teacher Lisa Lux. With Lisa’s guidance, I was taught how to communicate energetically with my Essenian guide, and how to begin consciously taking steps to purify my Karma. 


Practicing and receiving Essenian Healings and Pleiadian Healings, and being initiated into Reiki  is a beautiful gift, that has changed how I feel about my relationship to myself, other people and all living beings. With the continued guidance of my teachers Lisa Lux and Katarzyna Jablonska, I am committed to continue on this healing path, to serve as a pure channel for these healings, and help others to also make the true and lasting change they wish to in their lives.

treatments / healings offered
Pleiadian Healings are the ancient 5th Dimensional healing techniques, now put back on Earth to support with a broad range of ailments. They can be considered in addition to traditional medical practices. I have established a Pleiadian Healing Circle in Birmingham. All training and healings, are free of charge for members of the circle. 


The Essenian Healings, are ancient techniques, dating back eons, now put back on Earth, revolving around the Stones and Power of the Mind, suitable for a large diversity of discomforts. But with the Essenian Healings, which work on a higher karmic level, the healer needs to check first through energetic communication with their Essenian Guide, if it is possible for you to receive them at this moment in time.


The Essenian Healing Journeys, are metaphysical healing methods that are meant to clear out the unhealthy physical and psychological patterns that are stuck in the body cells (DNA) and make us ill. They are effective against all sorts of fears and problems that do not have an obvious cause, but a deeper background. The holy Essenian healing methods are not a religion, they come from the highest source, Mother/Father God, which we are all part of.


Reiki treatments or Initiations (Energy Increase) 

Reiki treatments are practised in line with the authentic way from Japan, and work very well to reduce stress, fatigue, insomnia and much more. If you’re interested in Reiki and how you can incorporate Reiki into your daily life, or if you want to learn Reiki, I offer Reiki Initiations with Esoteric Knowledge, which raise your energy and consciousness, and can help you understand the reasons for your life experience (karma). There are three levels of Reiki initiation offered, and with each Initiation, you become in a certified Reiki practitioner.

Free Well-Being Sessions

I offer free talks about Reiki and the 5th Dimensional Essenian Healing methods and Pleiadian Healings. These include an opportunity to experience free 5minutes of the authentic pure Reiki, for groups and individuals.



I am initiated as a Teaching Reiki Master by Katarzyna Jablonska (

I am also trained as an Essenian Healer (Master Level), Essenian Healing Journey Healer (Level 1) with highly clear-knowing spiritual teacher, Lisa Lux ( )

Aside from these trainings, I have a Masters level qualification in Social Work.


professional registrations

I am fully insured and registered with The Reiki Federation, The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), Social Work England, and I have a current DBS Certificate.


Essenian Healings

Level 1 Essenian Healing- £35

Level 2 Essenian Healing- £45 (discounts applicable)


Essenian Healing Journey Children- £50 (15% discount applicable)


Essenian Healing Journey Adults -£75 (15% discount applicable)

Please expect the following steps;

  1. Conversation with client by phone, skype or in person to understand why the healing is needed.

  2. The healer contacts the Energy Healing Guides through energetic communication to channel the exact healing route needed for the client at this point in time. This is then double-checked by Lisa Lux through another channelling with the Energies.

  3. The Healer contacts the client to explain which healings can be offered, if any. If you decide you wish to receive the therapies indicated for you, we can now make an appointment.

  4. The Healing treatment takes around 1 hour

  5. Alcohol can not be consumed on the day of the healing, as it decreases the energy levels significantly, which interferes with the healing.

  6. It is essential that the client wears light colour clothes – white, light grey or beige – with no patterns, to enable the Energies to work to their highest potential possible.

  7. As we are working here with crystalline structures of stones and energy fields, I strongly advise that the client leaves at home any gem stones or crystals jewellery and electronic devices.



Reiki 1 Initiation- £125-140 depending on location

Reiki 2 Initiation- £250-265 depending on location


Reiki Treatment – £35 for 1hr session

Reiki treatment on-site. Here you come to the healing centre where treatment is provided. This is a chance for you to step out of your life, change your surroundings and to create a cocoon of tranquillity, safe and sound. Here you can interact on a deeply personal level, share your thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Reiki treatment at Client’s home. If coming to the centre is not possible for you, we can visit you at home. Here I may require an additional cost for the transport.


Reiki on a Distance £12 – 15 min session

I offer this treatment if coming in person or a session at your home are not practical or you need Reiki outside your sessions. It is essential that we agree suitable date and time, when you can spend the 20 min treatment time in a quiet and comfortable place. Here I will require full payment in advance of the session.

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