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Hajar Kouzi

Hajar Kouzi
Beauty and Massage Therapist


I specialise in facials and body electrical treatments to target  any skin concern you may have or just  give you a relaxing massage experience.  I can employ exfoliating techniques and various body therapy approaches to flush out all the toxins from your systems, thereby restoring body health and balance.

I have extensive experience through affiliation with several spas across the Midlands. I have worked with different clients and have a wide knowledge base in the field of Beauty & Spa therapies, My passion is to help you achieve healthy skin and restore harmony to your body . I work with lot of professional skincare brands from Evetaylor, Monuskin, Keaso, SP and more. I will select the right brand, to match your particular skin type.


I hold NVQ level 3  in beauty therapy general, barbacide  certified and NVQ level 2 in infection prevention (Covid19)


Facial Treatments 

30 Mins Luxury Express Facial : £30

A 'quicker' facial, that will still give you clean and glowing skin. The approach is tailored to your current skin condition. Your skin will be double cleansed, gently exfoliated and massaged. A face masque will also be applied leaving the skin hydrated and replenished to finish. 

50 Mins Deluxe Facial : £45

A deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation will be done to prepare the skin for steam and black head removal. A facial massage and face masque will leave the skin replenished, hydrated and protected.


60 Mins Bespoke Facial : £60 

This treatment is designed for you, if you’re concern is about:

  • Ageing Skin

  • Hyper-pigmentation 

  • Acne

  • Rosacea

  • Dry skin

  • Dull skin

  • Sensitive skin

  • Oily skin

I will mix and match facial treatments to give you the best bespoke facial according to your skin concern, This facial includes a treatment plan and a more targeted approach, using electrical components.

Massages and Scrubs

Relaxing/ Swedish massage

Massaging your whole body or part of the body depending on the length of treatment, to ease your knots, tension and discomfort through different strokes and rhythmic pressures. Help to increase oxygen levels in the blood and improve circulation.

  • 30 Mins :  £30 

  • 45 Mins :  £40

  • 60 Mins:   £50

  • 90 Mins :  £65

  • 120 Mins :£90

Cellulite Massage / Lymphatic Drainage

Targets areas of concern using specialist cellulite oil, to improve circulation and facilitate lymphatic drainage. The oil and massage techniques also help to improve skin integrity and beautify texture.

  • 30 Mins : £35

  • 50 Mins:  £50


Add hot oil : £5

Add hot scented steam : £10 

Add scalp massage : £10

Add an express back scrub : £15

Add foot treatment : £15

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