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Fiona Curran

Fiona Curran

NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback 
Practitioner and Trainer

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After having children with neurological difficulties, I struggled to find the expertise to help in Birmingham or even the UK. So, I changed my career and retrained in the areas that most helped my children.

I became a certified NeurOptimal Neurofeedback trainer in 2016. Using technology to train our brains to be more resilient and flexible. Working directly with the central nervous system, brain training at Birmingham Brain Training helps improve cognitive and physical performance, enhance focus and deepen sleep. What this means to you is that you can accomplish breakthroughs in your life in just a few sessions.


Your brain is capable of improving almost any aspect of your life. A shortlist


  • Impulsiveness

  • Sleepless nights

  • Mood regulation

  • Anxiety, Stress relief

  • Increase performance and focus in all areas!


BSc (Hons) Science & the Environment
NeurOptimal certified trainer
SOS feeding therapist

Professional registrations

NeurOptimal certified trainer

SOS feeding therapist


One session £75

Ten sessions £675


Rentals : 

28 day rental unlimited sessions £1,200.00

21 day rental 20 sessions £750.00

Collection / delivery from Solihull Wellbeing Clinic, or via a courier service


FREE 20 minute initial phone consultation

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