The Privilege of Parenting

As a parent, we often believe that we know what is best for our children. Sometimes, the wisdom of our life experience leads us to conclude we have our children’s best interests at heart and that what we know, is right for them. For example, the view that steering our children to choose medicine or law as a career would secure a higher salary and a better material standard of living. But, what if your child has an intuitive calling to follow a more creative life path? To become an artist, a singer, an actor, or a photographer? The artists of the world bring an ethereal pleasure to people’s lives. The vibrational lift of a beautiful image, listening to a voice or harmonies which transcend the

Overcoming Abuse, Hurt and Betrayal

If you’re reading this, you are probably tired of carrying feelings of blame, hurt, resentment or shame. You may have become distant from someone you once loved (or at least thought you did) because they have done so much wrong. Perhaps someone has taken advantage of you financially - they owe you a debt, but it burns you up to think they simply haven’t, or won’t pay it. Maybe what they have stolen from you is emotional, such as your sense of self-worth, happiness and dignity. Holding onto these hurts can make people very depressed, untrusting in relationships (perhaps even ‘cold’) and in extreme cases unsure if they want to keep living. Sometimes, a person’s actions have caused so much dam

Touch Therapy for Dementia

We learn to give each other joy through touch from a very early age. When we are toddlers we give our parents a hug or kiss and holding their hand is comforting and re-assuring. As we age we hug and kiss our own children, rubbing their bumps and grazes to comfort and reassure them that they will soon be better. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring; all of which have the potential to improve an individual’s day. Most people never lose the need for human interaction; after all, human beings are, on the whole, sociable creatures. In fact, as we age it may become greater for some who may e

Holistic Wellness Through META-Health

The World Health Organisation definition of health has not been amended since 1948. It reads, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. There is growing evidence to suggest that who we are, what we learn in life (the progressive and limiting beliefs we form), our physical symptoms, our mental and emotional states and our social behaviour are ALL meaningful in our search to reach our highest potential. The most complete system of understanding this connectivity that I have found so far is META-Health. Meta is a Greek prefix meaning ‘beyond’ or ‘after’. So what could be after or beyond health? How are all of these

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Life is all about balance. There is so much to take care of - such as family, career, health and friendships. And then, what about time for self? When you’re on a roll, things are kept in perspective - perhaps we enjoy life, and flourish. But we can all get to that place where stress gets the better of us, and life is heavy, lack-lustre and going nowhere special. I started a new job nearly six months ago. One of the main requirements I gave to my recruitment consultant was that usual fly away comment that I wanted a good “work/life balance”. Like most working mothers, I strive to obtain that perfect “balance” of being able to go to work and earn a living...yet also be at home to take care o

Life Coaching...for Success

I could be viewed as the last person qualified to comment on success. Last summer, I gave up the status of a job title, vacated my useful post, let go of a regular salary and girded my loins to re-evaluate my life! My story, to anyone who would listen, was,"I'm leaving my job to do the things that are really important to me - to follow my Dharma - my purpose in life" (which I believed to be carrying a positive message of hope and change). I’d tell others, "I'm going to build up my coaching business, do some training, deliver some parenting courses, become a Susan Jeffers Feel the Fear workshop trainer - oh - and write a self-help book..." (Is it me - or does just listening to that list feel

Improve Your Health through Psychotherapy

How can Psychotherapy help with Physical Health Issues? Are you struggling to manage a Long Term Health Condition? Do you worry about physical symptoms? Are you a parent or a carer of someone with a health condition? Then read on... Introduction The link between our physical and psychological /emotional well-being is generally widely accepted. If you think how we react physically to emotional triggers - tears when we are sad or happy, heart racing when we’re excited or anxious, butterflies in our tummy when we’re nervous - it makes it clear. We also might recognise that when we’re ‘run down’ we are more susceptible to infection or pain. The link between the physical and emotional goes furthe

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