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Surinder Sidhu
Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Well Being Practitioner


Surinder Sidhu is an experienced mentor for spiritual transformation. For the past 20 years, Surinder has taught many classes and workshops on the mind, body and spirit template of becoming whole. She has trained in the philosophy
of yoga and meditation and the arts of wellbeing. Her workshops are based on the Laws of the Cosmos, the Sacred Science of Applied Numerology and Intuitive Astrology.


Her field of expertise is to bring conscious awareness to our everyday lifestyle choices. In her monthly workshops she teaches how to integrate our unconscious behaviours and thought patterns so that we are living more in
alignment to our true selves. Numerology, just like its sister science astrology, was considered essentially to be a science of the Self. It can be used as an exciting exploration and adventure into an ancient tradition of personal development and self-realisation.


“Numbers are like cosmic clues, they shed conscious light upon our unconscious darkness. Strengths and weaknesses, attributes and challenges, assets and failings – they can all become clear and they can all be nurtured and
developed or overcome and adjusted through a conscious day to day relationship with numbers”.


Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 1 and 2
Karam Kriya Consultancy Training in the Art of Healing Conversations and Sacred Numerology
Diploma in Intuitive Natal Chart Reading
Study of Archetypes, Professional Sacred Contracts Program with Caroline Myss
Currently studying for Diploma in The Outer Planets at Astrology University


professional registrations
International Yoga Teachers Association (registered member)


3 hour workshops £35.00

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