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Making Space, through Life Coaching

For much of my younger life I held the belief that in order to bring about change, to make things happen, I needed to be feverishly planning, plotting, organising and arranging. Annually, New Years Resolutions would be made - pages would be filled with lists of things To Do - or 'not to do' anymore. Aids and equipment might be purchased, borrowed or made in order to get the project going. Life was full of Promise for the first few weeks of every year...the Promise that soon, one day, not long now, the plan, the change, the project would come to be. Sound familiar at all?

Increasingly, I realised that I had been looking down the wrong end of the telescope on this one. Last year for instance, I was reading a Turning of the Year-type blog by Robert Holden, Coach and Hay House author.

He claimed wittily that in the run up to Christmas he felt, " Tis the season to declutter, fa la la la la!" He wrote that he started with physical decluttering - kitchen cupboards, clothes, CDs and this prepared him for a spiritual decluttering. As he says, " a space for miracles." "Space is a womb, essential for birthing something new".

This article really grabbed my interest and stayed with me throughout last year. And this year there's been even more written and spoken about decluttering and making a space. Have you seen it, heard it and felt it too?

Hayhouse has been offering free videos on making space by expert in Feng Shui and space clearing, Denise Linn

Denise tells us that what we surround ourselves with has an effect on our destiny - the way we see ourselves. She refers to decluttering as Modern Day Alchemy. She tells us that any clutter clearing done with intent and clarity is powerful - "do it with consciousness - like a ceremony".

We might ask, "What counts as clutter?" If you don't love it, don't use it, it's probably clutter. Clutter can be a trigger for old memories and negative associations. Denise tells us that whatever blocks us can begin to dissolve as we physically make a space.

We could expand to talk about making a space for financial flow - if only 'space here' allowed! Suffice it to say that money can only flow in when we make a space. Decluttering our debts and bills, rearranging our work space, streamlining our staffing, delegating tasks to others. Check out Rob Moore and 'The Law of Vacuum Prosperity' and the art of Leveraging. Intrigued? Take a look...

Personally, I had two or three really good decluttering sessions with clothes and shoes last year. It was tremendously liberating, energising and uplifting. Charity shops felt the benefit, I felt the benefit and it left a space for lovely new clothes to come right in.

Since Christmas, inspired by Denise Linn, I have been through the home again, looking at ornaments, pictures and books. It was amazing how many objects in the house were things that I don't like, no longer use and were sometimes given by friends who are no longer part of my life.

I'm free to take this to any level that I like. I've cleared my client room of old client files - I need to make space for the stream of clients that are coming my way!

I'm clearing time and space in my day to meditate - following Reid Tracy's (CEO Hay House) commitment to at least 20 minutes a day. It gives me space to hear what my True Self has to say.

Further opportunities lie ahead; to clear slow-moving, long-lingering foods from my food plan, to reduce the plastic and packaging in my bins, to unsubscribe from even more emails, to make space in my diary to do the things I love - or even just to be. Be listening to music, be out for a walk, be still, be looking and listening into that space.

Towards the end of Rober