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Weight Loss - Beyond Wishful Thinking

Getting in shape, losing weight and living healthier is a goal that nearly every one of us has. There is always something we would like to change about ourselves and becoming healthier is usually it. Wanting to live a healthier life and actually doing it aren’t exactly the same thing and they aren’t easy to accomplish if you are severely out of shape.

Getting in shape and working out gives you more energy. Unfortunately, we need energy in the first place to work out and get in shape. Herein lies the problem. How can we get the energy to go to the gym and workout or to go to the store and buy and prepare healthy meals? There isn’t a magic pill that can do it but there is something else that can help give you all the energy and motivation you need. What is it? It is your mind.

Mind Over Matter

Mind over matter isn’t just a catch phrase used by coaches and motivational speakers. It really is a part of you that can help you achieve anything if you believe in yourself. Look at all of the weight loss transformations on YouTube. Many of them were just like you. They were out of shape and they wanted to live healthier. They believed in themselves and they did it. They really aren’t any different than you or I. You can do the very same thing they did if you believe in yourself and your ability to do anything you want.

What are some ways that you can make mind over matter even more effective and get in the mind-set to lead a healthier life? Forget the old mind-set that got you in the shape you are today. No more “I deserve a treat for working so hard” or “I am too busy to get in shape, or to work out or to cook a healthy meal” These excuses are part of the old mind-set and you don’t have room for them anymore.

Another key thought to avoid is “The damage is already done, why bother?” These won’t help you get in shape and they won’t help you live a healthier lifestyle. Getting in the right mind-set to live a healthier life means to avoid the negativity and surround yourself with positive thoughts and images of your goal. To eat healthier, watch some online cooking videos that offer healthy recipes. To lose weight and get in shape, watch diet and exercise videos that give you some useful tips and advice that will help you achieve your goal. Most of all, the key to getting in the right mind-set to live healthy, is to believe in yourself and your abilities to do it.

Get Ready for a Fight!

If you're struggling, remember you are not alone. 'I’m struggling to lose weight’ is the most common message I receive. I’ve said many times, losing weight may be simple but not easy. You are not being paranoid or unrealistic; the ‘system’ is rigged against you. Whether it be the media, the supermarkets or the food industry, the temptations are rife and making healthy choices consistently is near impossible.

Furthermore, your biology is not designed to give up excess weight without a fight. The natural way is to conserve reserve energy for a rainy day. This is evolutionary and biological. Losing weight will be a struggle. And you will have to muster up your inner strength to achieve your goals. Nothing worthwhile is achieved without a fight.

The most important thing is not to let the initial struggle become permanent. The only way to do this is to adopt new habits and behaviours which serve you rather than sabotage you. Once it becomes habit to lace up at 7am and run, the struggle ends. Change the way you shop, the way you entertain or the way you spend your Saturday afternoons. Seek out choices which enhances your wellbeing.

Develop Self-Belief

The biggest obstacle you face is self-belief. There isn’t a reputable diet or program which doesn’t work. It’s about following through with your chosen program. Showing up for that personal trainer appointment or making that weight watchers meeting in the evening is a priority.

There are many demands on your time – work, kids, family and the list is endless. There are never enough hours in the day or enough days in the week. You must prioritise yourself and your health. Most people treat their needs as secondary to every other demand. That appointment with yourself, for yourself, is just as important as any other commitment.

Self-belief and self-love must take centre stage for you to achieve your weight loss goals. Don’t postpone your wellbeing. The impending illnesses associated with excess weight will not postpone their arrival. The best day to start is today. Take one step, even a small one, towards your wellbeing and commit to it fully. It will serve you better to be consistent with small changes rather than be sporadic with big changes.

Find Your Motivation

The success or failure of any weight loss program begins with ourselves. In my experience, people who lose weight and manage to keep it off have personal motivation on their side.

So, what is motivation and where do I find it? Motivation is more than a reason and it is more than desire. Motivation is the thing that keeps us on course to succeed when the mountain seems too high to climb.