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Mobeen Akhtar_edited.jpg

Mobeen Akhtar
Integrative Counsellor

Experience and Skills 

If you are experiencing distress or troubles that you feel you cannot share with anyone, counselling is the right place for you. Counselling is described in different ways and in many words. What I have found is that counselling is an individual experience. My role is to work with you on your aims together and create an understanding of what is happening for you. 


I have background experience in working with domestic violence and supporting individuals with mental health difficulties, these experiences have given me an understanding of various client backgrounds and how to support them. Together, in therapy you will find yourself learning and exploring by becoming more aware of your own behaviours and emotions. It can be scary to share personal thoughts and feelings with someone you don’t know. Therefore, it is important to be provided with the right environment that is safe and secure to allow you to feel able to engage with the right counsellor.


I am a counsellor who works in an integrative manner which means I modify my approach to my clients needs. Within my practice, the main part of my model is to carry out the core conditions from Person Centred Theory.  I practice in being empathetic, congruent and deliver unconditional positive regard (acceptance) towards my clients, as I find these core conditions to be the most significant elements to create a therapeutic relationship. A therapeutic relationship means a healthy professional relationship between you and your counsellor - the relationship is healthy and safe so that it allows you to feel that you feel able to express yourself.

It is important to understand and recognise we are human, and we are good enough as we are. It can be difficult to accept and come to terms with our own being, but throughout the journey of counselling, discovering self is a unique experience. I hope to create a safe and welcoming space for you to allow me to join you on your counselling journey. 


Post Graduate Counselling Certificate

professional registrations



Individual face-face therapy £45

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