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Laetitia De Freslon

Laetitia de Freslon
Certified Relaxation Therapist & Sophrotherapist


I'm a certified Relaxation and Sophrology Therapist, and I help you develop your own toolbox to deal with stress and anxiety, as a complementary health therapy or self-development practice to bring you physical relief, mental and emotional appeasement and support.


I guide you with my voice and teach you a combination of easy-to-do, simple techniques that combine Western science (e.g. hypnotherapy, body relaxations, positive and behavioural psychologies neurosciences, NLP) and Eastern traditions (e.g. mindfulness, breathing, gentle body movements, visualisation, meditation) allied with practical lifestyle, sleeping, and eating advice – to improve your sense of well-being on a daily basis.

All techniques are highly adaptable, and open to people of all ages, physical abilities, and walks of life to:

  • decrease their stress level,

  • support their mental and emotional health,  

  • soothe their body symptoms and pain,

  • recharge their energy,

  • appease their thoughts,

  • prepare for pregnancy, birth, and parenthood

  • support restful sleep

  • manage specific phobia

  • improve concentration

  • develop a confident and positive mindset for stressful events


I provide support in particular for:

  • Clients dealing with acute or chronic health conditions, e.g. cancer, long COVID, sleep issues, depression, burnout, surgery, ADHD, or Parkinson’s disease – and any health conditions where stress is a major trigger.

  • School-aged children and teens - in particular with special needs such as ADHD, learning disabilities, and some ASD – who experience high stress and anxiety, low self-confidence, need emotional support, or want to strengthen their mindset for exams. I work either individually, with parents, or in schools depending on the nature of consultation.

  • Well-Being Groups in the Workplace: I provide group practices for employees to improve their sense of well-being in the workplace, to decrease stress, improve focus, improve interpersonal relations, and feel better at work.


Each session is designed around an intention, and provides a range of techniques and tools including:


  • gentle therapeutic relaxation movements,

  • breathing techniques,

  • classic body relaxation and mental relaxation techniques,

  • specific positive visualisations and meditation,

  • de-conditioning /conditioning techniques.


EFDS Certified Relaxation and Sophrology Therapist (French School of Sophrotherapy)

Professional Registrations

Qualified member of The Sophrology Network

The Complementary Medical Association

Member of Experts Expats

Member of the Birmingham Connect to Support Network for social prescribing

Partner with Augmented Lifestyle CIC, and Yoga for Health CIC


First session (90-120mins): £80

Following sessions (60mins): £68

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