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Laetitia de Freslon
Certified Relaxation Therapist & Sophrotherapist


I'm a certified Relaxation Therapist and Sophrotherapist (Body-Mind Connection Specialist). Relaxation and Sophrology therapies offer simple, practical and effective tools and techniques that can be used on a daily basis. These are highly adaptable, and open to all ages and backgrounds to:

- manage stress and anxiety

- support emotional health

- prepare for pregnancy and birth, parenthood

- support restful sleep

- manage long COVID symptoms

- manage pain and unpleasant symptoms through sensory substitution and breathing techniques

- manage weight-
- manage phobia

- manage addictions

- develop a confident and positive mindset for stressful events


- improve concentration

My approach can also act as a complementary therapy to medical and psychological treatments, e.g. cancer and chemotherapy, surgery preparation and recovery, sleep issues, depression or burn-out.

I am specialised for work with children, pregnant women, immigrants/expatriates


I am also currently training in counselling (L3).


My Approach
My approach is a person-centred, holistic, and structured method aiming to balance the body-mind connection, and which blends techniques from Western science (e.g. hypnotherapy, positive and behavioural psychologies, Jacobson and Schultz) and Eastern traditions (e.g. yoga, breathing, mindfulness, meditation and visualisation).

Each session is designed around an intention, and provides a range of techniques and tools including:

- gentle intentional relaxation movements (therapeutic yoga),

- breathing techniques,

- classic body relaxation and mental relaxation techniques,

- specific positive visualisations and meditation,

- self-hypnosis + de-conditioning /conditioning techniques.

The aim of my practice is to bring a sense of improved well-being with simple, practical tools and techniques to people of all ages and walks of life. I offer relaxation therapy and sophrotherapy sessions that guide people to:

- decrease their stress level,

- support their mental and emotional health, 

- recharge their energy,

- increase their body awareness, 

- soothe body symptoms and pain,

- appease their thoughts

- build up their resilience and improve their general sense of well-being.

EFDS Certified Relaxation Therapist (French School of Sophrotherapy)

Professional Registrations

Member of the Birmingham Connect to Support Network for social prescribing, 

Partner with Augmented Lifestyle CIC.



First session (90mins): £75

Following sessions (60mins): £60

Relaxation and Sophrology Therapy is a relatively short-term therapy which usually lasts 6 to 12 sessions - depending on your needs and objectives.

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